Founding Member and Chief Executive Officer

Todd Fitzgerald is the Chief Executive Officer of ROXO Energy and has jointly led the team since inception. He oversees the strategic, financial and operational aspects. Mr. Fitzgerald possesses a unique blend of upstream E&P operational expertise coupled with significant experience in energy industry finance and strategy. His experience spans both non-operated and operated asset positions and includes strategic planning and execution, operations management, asset acquisition and development, financial and operational processes, and capital financing and banking.

Prior to ROXO Energy, Mr. Fitzgerald was instrumental in founding CrossFoot Energy, a privately held independent oil and gas production and acquisition company. Mr. Fitzgerald initially was VP of Finance and Operations and then was added as the Chief Financial Officer of the operator, acting in a duel role. Mr. Fitzgerald facilitated the procurement of acquisition capital for the two private equity funds targeting non-operated assets and later was responsible for establishing a newly-formed operator to take over asset operations. He managed the transfer of operations and growth of the operations entity. Mr. Fitzgerald has significant operational and capital transaction experience within the Permian Basin.

Mr. Fitzgerald graduated with an MBA from Abilene Christian University and a BBA from Texas Christian University’s Neeley School of Business, both with honors. A TCU and ACU letterman, he played collegiate football and professionally in the indoor leagues. Mr. Fitzgerald is a professional member of the NFL Alumni Association and a member of the TCU Letterman’s Association.


Founding Member and President

J.W. Wilson is the President of ROXO Energy and has jointly led the team since inception. His primary function is the oversight and acquisition of capital funding from a multitude of business relationships. Mr. Wilson has utilized his deep relationships with many Fort Worth and Dallas investors to raise, close, and transact dozens of unique and profitable outcomes.

Prior to ROXO Energy, Mr. Wilson founded several companies within and outside of the energy space. Mr. Wilson also served as an independent landman for Four Sevens Resources on land projects within Tarrant and Johnson counties. Mr. Wilson’s significant land and leasing experience at Four Sevens facilitated corporate transactions with values of $840 million and $160 million. Mr. Wilson was also a private investor in exploratory drilling programs within the Gulf Coast and West Texas region, collectively yielding favorable returns on invested capital. Mr. Wilson’s undivided attention is focused on the development and success of ROXO Energy.

Mr. Wilson graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University, where he lettered 4 years on the football team and served on the leadership counsel his senior year. Mr. Wilson nurtures his relationships within the Fort Worth community and thus founded Comrades True Football Scholarship, an endowed scholarship funded exclusively by former lettermen—the first of its kind in the country.


Founding Member, Vice President-Exploration and Chief Geologist

James Vess is the Vice President of Exploration and Chief Geologist of ROXO Energy and has jointly led the team since inception. He oversees all geology efforts from an acquisition, development and operational standpoint. Mr. Vess possesses significant subsurface analytical expertise in evaluating, exploiting and developing assets across the Williston, Bighorn, East Texas, Gulf Coast and Delaware basins.

Prior to ROXO Energy, Mr. Vess served as Senior Geologist for Enduro Resource Partners (NRDO) in Fort Worth. During his tenure at Enduro, Mr Vess was responsible for all subsurface/geologic duties in the Bakken oil-rich area of North Dakota (ND). Mr Vess played a key role in implementing and managing ND drilling programs, secondary recovery projects, geo-steering and other exploitation and exploration opportunities with the goal of increasing reserves and value. Additionally, Mr. Vess analyzed assets in the Williston Basin resulting in a transaction of $150 million.

Mr. Vess graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a business minor from the Neeley School of Business. A TCU letterman, he played collegiate football and professionally in the indoor leagues. Mr. Vess is an active member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Fort Worth Geological Society and Fort Worth Wildcatter’s Association.